Easy Lighting Upgrades, LLC is dedicated to providing the most cost-effective lighting, sensors, smart controls, and Internet of Things (IoT) monitoring systems to commercial and institutional property owners and managers.

Over the past decade, our team has executed on successful lighting upgrades across almost every type of property.

Offices, Corporate Campus, Distribution Centers, Warehouses, Multi-family Apartment Building, Big Box and Independent Retail Stores, Schools, Auto Dealerships and Service Centers, Hotels, Restaurants, Parking Garages, Structures, and Lots + many more…

We often have fixture overruns on different accounts. Product LED STORE (See the LED Light Clearance Sales)

We specialize in working with clients that have more than one property in their portfolios to maximize your return on investment.

We source light emitting diode (LED) fixtures, from both domestic and overseas manufacturers, and upon request, we coordinate installations, rebates, and zero upfront cost financing.

As lighting becomes increasingly complicated from human centric to direct current (DC) microgrid options, we are your professional lighting experts that provide the intelligence to make it easy to upgrade your facilities.

We check the box to get your lighting upgrade projects done right, from the start to the end. Let us know how we can help you.

Contact Us: sales@elu2.com

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  1. As the Chairman of the Leadership Council for the American LED Alliance, I see this “easy” approach to lighting upgrades, as a key path to incease the adoption of advanced LED technology.

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